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Happy 2014!
Coming up for AAPE this year:

  • We are planning food allergy, asthma and life style lectures right now, so please email your ideas or if you would like to volunteer to help organize a lecture or meeting (email:
  • Eggless Egg Hunt! Please email if you can help donate, volunteer time or can create and fun a new game or activity (
  • Halloween Pump It Up Party--we shop all year long for great prizes that are on sale. If you see something fabulous, please contact us

Thank you again for a wonderful 2013. This was an important year in our community. We enjoyed...
  • The passing of SB453 Stock Epinephrine in Schools-thank you parents, family and friends who wrote letters, attending hearings, made phone calls and then wrote more letters. Our community was a strong reason this mandated bill passed making Nevada the fourth Mandated Stock Epinephrine state in the nation.
  • A special Pump It Up party to celebrate the passing of SB453 with Senator Debbie Smith--our food allergy hero and food allergy grandmother.
  • A very successful Eggless Egg Hunt..with lots of games, egg nut and Easter Bunny fun.
  • Another fabulous Halloween party at Pump It Up with lots of jumping, costumes and laughing with old and new friends.
See you more in 2014!AAPE Leadership

SAVE the Date: Wednesday, July 31st at 6pm, at the American Lung Association offices in Reno, NV

"Growing up as More Than Just the Peanut Guy; living with food allergies and asthma" group discussion led by Zac Chellini

Zac just completed his freshman year at college and will lead us in a very casual discussion and Q&A about growing up WITHOUT being labeled while advocating and staying safe.

AAPE will present this lecture in partnership with the American Lung Association chapter in Reno, NV.

More details to follow--mark your calendars!

SB453 Was signed into Law on June 3, 2013! GREAT WORK Nevadan's!

Exciting Nevada Legislative News:
We are doing it! We have a bill requesting stock epinephrine in schools!!!

Join us this Thursday, April 4th, 2013 at 3:30pm in Carson City at the State Legislature or in Las Vegas in the Grant Sawyer Buidling for our first Senate Hearing! Wear light blue and bring your children! WE NEED TO PACK THE ROOM

We kindly request that you support SB453 in three easy ways!

1. Email your representative and ask them to support SB453, which will require all public schools to maintain stock epinephrine (and authorize private) in addition to authorizing use it if they believe a student is experiencing a life threatening allergic reaction (bee stings, food allergies, etc.). This is crucial since ambulance response times in Las Vegas can be over 10 minutes and over 8 minutes in Reno, NV!
For students experience their first allergic reaction, stock epineprhine can be life saving in addition to providing back up support for students already carrying epinephrine in the event a second dose is needed.
Find your representative by clicking on this link and then clicking directly onto the map or in the upper right hand corner, entering in your physical address:
A simple email, no longer than a few sentences will make all the difference. For example, a simple, Please vote for SB453 Epinephrine in Nevada Schools would work! Then share why this bill will make a difference (saving lives, no school deaths due to an allergic reaction, if a child is not breathing every single second counts, etc).
2. Take a simple Share Opinion on Legislative Bill Poll for lawmakers! This is also very easy to do and only take seconds to complete. Simply, check off that are you are FOR SB453 and then provide your address and contact data so they know which district you belong to.
3. Contact the members of the Health and Human Services Committee who are meeting this Thursday, April 4th at 3:30pm at the Legislature in Carson City and simulcast in Las Vegas in the Grant Sawyer building. Either attend the meeting in support of SB453 or email each member and ask them to support SB453.
Better yet, please show support in person and by wearing light blue. We will hand out stickers to be worn that day.
Below is contact email addresses (please note that a short message of gratitude would be welcomed for Senator Smith-she is the driving force behind this bill)

Senator Justin Jones Senator Debbie Smith Senator Tick Segerblom Senator Joe Hardy Senator Ben Kieckhefer Ben.Kieckhefer@sen.state.nv.usThank you for making a difference and possibly saving the life a child! Please share with family and friends and ask them to email and/or complete the poll!

Thank you for a GREAT Eggless Egg Hunt!
The weather was wonderful and the kids were able to hunt outdoors for their Eggless Eggs!
The new games were well received and one child shared that this was the best Eggless Egg Hunt ever since there were so many fun games and prizes!

Thank you Valerie Friland for your kind donation of some prizes!
Thank you Tom Young for making a donation in AAPE's name to the River View Adventist church, who kindly allowed AAPE to use their facility for our event.
Thank you American Lung Assocation for the swag and endless support.
Thank you parents for creating our fabulous community and allowing us to enjoy each other while we create a "normal" environment for our children.

Two of our youth volunteers getting into Eggless Egg Hunt Spirit!
Youth Volunteers in the Eggless Egg Hunt Spirit

Mark your calendar for our Eggless Egg Hunt

March 24th, 2013
  • Hunt for plastic eggs
  • Prizes
  • Raffle
  • Face painting
  • Food Free
  • Meet up with old friends and meet ones too
  • Volunteers are needed
Cost: free
Location will be shared with your RSVP! RSVP important so that we can insure enough prizes for the children
UPDATE: It's Sunday today and if you are reading this, you need directions to the River View Adventist Church at
7125 W. 4th Street, Reno, NV

September Meetings and Events..
Sept. 16th, 2012
Evacuation Planning with Food Allergies and Asthma
Led by Leslie Allfree of Allfree Living
Seven Day Adventist Church, Reno 4th street Campus--The Stone House building
Cost: free
special note: The Stone House is used for functions were nuts are present, therefore use your best judgement if you are bring your nut allergic children

September 28th, 2012

Special AAPE Performance by Kyle Dine-food allergy Musician
Kyle is on tour in the US this summer and will come up from San Francisco just for a special AAPE performance.
Cost: free --donations happily welcome!!

October Meetings and events..
October. 16th, 2012
Brown lunch Bag meeting....
Balancing Family Harmony with Food Allergies, Asthma and Chronic Illness,

Cost: free and bring your brown bag lunch

Family Therapist Sarah Stark Ramirez, MSW, LCSW will lead us in a lecture/discussion of how an entire family is effected when one member is managing a chronic illness.

October 25th, 2012
Annual AAPE Halloween Bash
Cost: free---thanks to the generousity of Nick and Kelly Spallone of Tahoe Supply Company
Location: Pump it Up!

AAPE Member selling an allergy friendly trailer..
Travel trailer. It is in immaculate condition and is peanut-free, tree nut-free, egg-free and pet-free. My mom even made custom slipcovers for everything that will stand still so they can be washed after each voyage. The mattresses have been encased in allergy encasing material for the last year or so.

See you at the Eggless Egg Hunt: April 1st, rain or shine...1-3pm (egg hunt will be held at 1:30pm)

7125 West 4th StreetReno, NV 89523
  • please bring your Easter Basket to collect plastic eggs, these will be traded in for a prize
  • bring your camera: Mr. Bunny will be there for photo ops!
  • NO FOOD ALLOWED! Eat before you arrive please
  • Consider bringing an item to be raffled
  • Bring $$$ in case you would like to purchase raffle tickets
  • Education games, crafts, coloring and simply meeting other folks just like us

INK in our Eggless EggHunt dates...more details to follow


Please welcome our newest board members...
February 2012
Leslie Allfree
Charlene Burgerello
Loren McCormac
Lauren Klein

Halloween Bash 2011
Details for the AAPE Halloween Bash--we have something new coming!!
When: Thursday, October 27th, 2011 from 5:30pm to 7:00pm Where: Pump It Up , 610 East Glendale, Sparks, NV 89431 Cost: Free Who: EVERYONE! Your child is welcome to bring along a friend, cousin, anyone so that they have a pal to bounce around with!! What: costumes are welcome as we will have a costume parade. Please no scary masks or pointy objects. When the children are jumping they need to be able to move freely, so they can always change into their costume before the parade. Must have: socks! Even grownups need socks on the jump floor! New: AAPE mom Leslie is donating the hot new food allergy book THE PRINCESS AND THE PEANUT. We will raffle off this item after the parade during our group photo! Also, Leslie is donating some items for our prize bags, Grassroots books has donated cards for free books and has donated some fun little items too! RSVP is a MUST so that we can make sure we have enough goodies for the kids. Older AAPE kids are invited to help assemble our goodie bags (in hiding while the little ones play) and to give them out too. It is nice to have the older children present as mentors to the younger crowd.


Eggless Egghunt 2011
Your ideas are needed! We are going to move the location of our Eggless Egghunt and would love to hear what you think would be fun and/or interesting? The rates are going up quite high
so email us your ideas:

We'll be sending out a newsletter soon here with some links and information about bullying. If you have any tips or short stories to share with the group
please email those over. We're looking into hosting a lecturing with the Washoe County School District on food allergies and bullying.

We did it...FAAMA passes...
Members of the food allergy community:

This is Chris Weiss, FAAN's VP of Advocacy and Government Relations, and I'd like to share some GREAT NEWS!

Five years after the Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Management Act (FAAMA) was introduced in the U.S. Congress, FAAMA has finally passed as part of the food safety bill and is expected to be signed into law by President Obama.

FAAMA was originally introduced into Congress back in 2005 as part of FAAN's inaugural Kids' Congress on Capitol Hill.

Five years later, and after overcoming some last-minute procedural hurdles during the lame duck session, the food safety bill was approved by the Senate on Dec. 19, and then by the House on Dec. 21.

FAAMA will lead to the much-needed creation of national food allergy management guidelines for schools. While these guidelines are voluntary, they will provide schools without existing food allergy management policies with a valuable resource.

These policies are critical to help educate school officials about food allergy, a potentially life-threatening medical condition, and help them implement emergency plans in case a severe reaction occurs on school grounds. Studies have shown that up to 25% percent of reactions in school occur in children with previously undiagnosed food allergy.

Earlier this month, a fatal reaction occurred at a school in Chicago, allegedly due to food that was consumed at school.

The guidelines will also benefit parents of children with food allergies, who are looking for a vetted resource to help them safely manage their child’s food allergies in the school setting.

Written in collaboration with FAAN, the national guidelines will not supersede existing or pending state laws or guidelines concerning schools and food allergies. The FAAMA guidelines should be seen as a complement to existing guidelines created as a result of other legislation.

This tremendous accomplishment was made possible by the thousands of individuals who advocated for this legislation and many elected representatives who co-sponsored FAAMA over the years, most notably Sen. Christopher Dodd (D-Conn.), whose daughter has a food allergy, and Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-Md.), who has a grandchild with a food allergy.

We celebrate the passage of FAAMA today, but our work is not done. FAAN will continue to work diligently to raise awareness, educate others, and advocate on behalf of the millions of Americans with food allergy and anaphylaxis.

I'd personally like to thank all of you who took the time to contact your Senator(s) and Representative in support of FAAMA, along with the hundreds of families who attended the FAAN Kids' Congress on Capitol Hill in 2005, 2007, and 2009. We couldn't have done it without you.

Thank you!

CHECK OUT this link to watch the story about the Washoe County School District now training every school bus driver on how to administer epi pens!
click here

Food Allergy bill update:
As parents and friends of children with Food Allergies, our power is needed NOW and we need to do our part in keeping all children with food allergies safe at school.Today brought new road blocks to getting the Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Management Act (FAAMA), which is currently attached to the Food Safety bill S.510, passed in the Senate.Senator Tom Coburn made it clear that wants the Food Safety bill stopped and killed and may single handedly do so. CONTACT Senator Harry Reid's office voice your needs of getting this bill passed NOW.
Senator Reid does have the option to have the bill voted on right now and end the debate (as a cloture vote). The bill has 99 senators supporting it and he needs 60 to have the bill voted on. It is widely believed that Senator Reid has well over the 60 votes he needs to cut off debate if he will just take this step.What you can do ASAP (tonight would be fantastic-if possible):Call or Email Senator Reids office and let them know you understand that Tom Coburn wants to stop this bill and you need Senator Reid to stand up to him and push to get this bill passed.
Below you will find1. Contact information for Senator Reid's office (phone to leave a message and email).2. Link to the Library of Congress where you can review for yourself FAAMA and the Food Safety bill.3. Link to a news story about Senator Coburn and what happened in the session today.4. Suggested language for your email, but please use your own words and stories--there are new important points.There are no words strong enough to fully express what this means to all of us who must send our kids off to school with a life threatening food allergy to be managed Together we can save lives and make our world a better place. Thank you.
Both can be reached at 202-224-3542Library of Congress:
Link to New York Times story of what happened today: of what to say or email to Senator's Reid's office:After introducing yourselves as the parent of a child with food
allergies, basic message should be:
"I live in (Las Vegas or Henderson) and am the parent of a child with
food allergies. I understand that a single Senator is stopping you from bringing the Food Safety bill up for a vote. PLEASE STAND UP TO SENATOR COBURN.
The food safety bill, which was approved by the Senate Health Committee almost a year ago,
has not been voted on and passed by the Senate. The bill includes the
Dodd Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Management Act, which would create
voluntary guideliens for schools to keep children like mine safe while
at school.The food allergy bill has been stalled in the Senate for
over 5 years and we are concerned that if you don't bring the bill to the Senate for a vote before the mid-term elections. IT MAY NEVER PASS. I hope you will do all in your power as the Senate
Majority Leader and as my Senator to get this bill passed in the Senate
as soon as possible.

CoGrassroots Bookstore Asthma and Food Allergy Event....

When: Friday, September 10th, from 5-7pm Where: Grassroots Book store
660 East Grove Street,
Reno, NV 89502
(775) 828-BOOK

Why: Our kids are amazing and we understand the need to keep our kids and community safe, happy and healhty through educating our community and ourselves. We are partnering with Grassroots Books and the American Lung Association to create a fun and educational event. Grassroots Bookstore will give (3) FREE Elementary aged used books to each student, teacher, librarian, school staff or nurse attending to help us celebrate asthma and food allergy awareness and education in our community.

Latest AAPE News! - AAPECool free gifts
Grassroots will give 3 free elementary-age used kids books to every
kid, teacher, librarian, school nurses, school admin/staff, and
students who are in college to become teachers. AAPE will be handing out Be A P.A.L. "membership cards" for kids, updated brochures and information regarding food allergy statisics and basics, managing food allergies and asthma information from the American Lung Association.

AAPE will host a free raffle to win a cookbook set! Special Youth Ambassador Opportunity
We need a few of our own youth to be Awareness Ambassadors and hand out information and one raffle ticket to each visitor at our AAPE table.

Details: Volunteer for 30 minutes shifts. Parents will need to supervise their own children during shift. Elementary age and up welcome. More details and requirements will be provided if your child is interested.
We will accept ambassadors on a first come first served basis.

See you at Grassroots Books--Thanks to Zoe Miller and her family for sponsoring and hosting this event!

Contact information:
AAPE: 775-852-5801;
Back to School Meeting

August 18th, 7-8:30pm with Dana Balchunas, Director of Student Health Services, Washoe County School District...everything you have ever wanted or not wanted to know about school, asthma and/or food allergies!
Renown main campus
Center for Advanced Medicine B
1500 East Second Street,
Reno, NV 89502

Greetings AAPE Families and Friends,
AAPE CALENDAR OF EVENTS AND LECTURES for August, September and October, 2010
July 30th, 9:30am-Haven on Earth Bakery, 10855 Double R Blvd., Reno, NV 89521; 775-284-4200. This is a gluten free bakery that offers nut, dairy, soy and egg free options, but these items are also in their bakery. Please call them for details on how and when these items are used (i.e., nuts are separated and used only to sprinkle on top of a brownie, etc).
August 18, 7-8:30pm--Important school lecture: should your child be on a 504 plan and update on recent changes to 504 plans
Dana Balchunas, Director of Student Health Services for Washoe County School District
Renown main campus
Center for Advanced Medicine B
1500 East Second Street,
Reno, NV 89502
September 10th, 5-7pm
Kids Rock Asthma and Food Allergy Educational Event at GRASSROOTS Bookstore
660 East Grove Street
Reno, NV 89502
AAPE and the American Lung Association will be on hand to provide information about living with asthma and/or food allergies.
Fabulous bonus: Grassroots will give each school aged student, teacher, school related personnel and college students studying to be a teacher, three free used school aged books (more specific details to follow).
Two exciting opportunties...
Raising awareness and funds are the two main goals of both the walks listed below! For those of us living with food allergis and/or asthma, we all know our biggest challenge is working with schools, coaches, family members and the general public. Often we turn to the Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network (FAAN) and our local chapter of the American Lung Association for materials, support and information. This is our turn to give back and keep awareness and the quest for cures moving forward! Please consider participating, raising funds for or simply donating to one of these events!!
September 12th, early morning (there are various start time for events, but 7:45am is the latest start time for the walk
American Lung Association Fight for Air Run/Walk
Damonte Ranch High School
Join AAPE's TEAM Dragon's Breath!!!! You can can can even half marathon it!
September 25th---LAS VEGAS, NV
Food allergy and Anaphylaxis WALK
Join FAAN's "Virtual" team of "walkers"--Going AAPE in Reno
We can't make it down, but we can participate as virtual walkers to help raise funds to continue research and to raise awareness about food allergies!
October 29th, 5:30-7:30pm
PUMP IT UP, food free, Halloween PARTY!
more details to the date!

Meet for TEA on Friday, July 30th, 9:30am at Haven on Earth Bakery, 10855 Double R Blvd., Reno, NV 89521
They are gluten free and offer many nut, dairy and soy free items too. If you have allergen concerns, if them a call at 284-4200. They will provide the tea and we provide the conversation!

Come find us on facebook and share your insights, thoughts or success!


Tomorrow! March 28th 1pm at 98 Richards Way, Sparks, NV 89511. Email to let us know you are coming!

Hunt for plastic eggs and turn them back in for a prize, face painting, crafts, dance and puppet shows, plus the best raffle in town!

See you there!

A HUGE Thank You to the Spallone Family
for sponsoring our Halloween Jump at Pump It Up!
Email us if you want to watch the Video Thank You Card we made for them, it's pretty fun! We can email it back to you. It is not too big.

Great Job AAPE Families and Friends!
Senator John Ensigned co-sponsored S. 456 after receiving your banner and letters!!!

Senator Ensign Receiving Banner from AAPE kids 2009HALLOWEEN JUMP PARTY SCHEDULED--time to RSVP!!!

November 4th, 2009---Senator Ensign receives banner created by AAPE kids asking him to co-sponsor S.456-the Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Management Act.
Lynn Morrison, FAAN lobbyist, hand delivered this banner along with an AAPE group letter, endorsed by 44 AAPE parents and friends.
The banner was created during our Annual Halloween Bash held at Pump It Up!

Representative Dean Heller
November 4th, 2009---Representative Dean Heller receives banner created by AAPE kids asking him to co-sponsor HR 1378-the Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Management Act.
Lynn Morrison, FAAN lobbyist, hand delivered this banner along with an AAPE group letter, endorsed by 44 AAPE parents and friends.
The banner was created during our Annual Halloween Bash held at Pump It Up!


RSVP at for our fabulous fun filled food free Halloween Party.

What: Halloween Bash -- costumes welcomed!
When: Thursday, October 29th, from 5:30-7:30pm
Where: Pump it Up in Sparks---a new location this year--so that we may spread our sunshine out to Sparks!
Who: Everyone--your entire family is invited--siblings and friends if your child would feel more comfortable

Each child will receive a non-food treat and we'll enjoy a parade of costumes too!!!
The party is free thanks to the never ending generosity of Nick and Kelly Spallone of Tahoe Supply Company.

RSVP ASAP!!! Questions: please email Caroline at

Adventure Day Rescheduled
We will be rescheduled Adventure to the Fall or Winter (think snowman building possibly) and are currently researching hosting a modified Ropes course, rock climbing or possibly an idea you may have? Please email with ideas!

"How to Navigate the ER with Food Allergies and Asthma"
Lecture to be held on Wednesday, April 29th, at 7pm in Room 402, Health Enhancement Services Suite at Renown.

Jenn Allen, Renown ER nurse who holds a masters degree in Health Education will lead us in a lecture providing insight into what to expect and what you can do to help create a positive ER experience. Please RSVP.

Food Allergy Management Act of 2009

Senator Chris Dodd (D-CT), introduced legislation (S. 456) on Feb. 24 that would provide for a consistent approach to food allergy management guidelines for schools, and would offer incentive grants to schools that choose to implement such voluntary guidelines. If signed into law, The Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Management Act of 2009 would direct the Secretary of Health and Human Services, in consultation with the Secretary of Education, to develop voluntary guidelines to prevent exposure to food allergens and assure a prompt response if a reaction were to occur. The bill is endorse


Walmart now selling $9 Inhalers
Walmart has teamed up with GlaxoSmithKline to offer ReliOn Ventolin Inhalers for only $9--click on link for details click here for story AAPE called a local Wal-mart to confirm this story--which is true. You will need a prescription from your physician and as always, seek medical direction from your child's doctor.
Gluten Free Baking Class in South Reno...
Gluten Free Baking
Don't let your intolerance to gluten prevent you from eating delicious items in your home every night of the week. Learn to cook the items you love, but thought you could never eat again like pizza, French baguette, pasta, tarts and brownies. Create delicious menus and exchange your gluten-free product information and recipes with others in class. $69 plus $15 materials fee. Held at Galena High School Mondays, 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM; 3 sessions starting March 16 and ending March 30, 2009.
More info: Prepare and eat your creations in each class. Week one is Italian night: pizza, foccacia, pasta. Week two is French night: baguette, eclairs, buckwheat crepes. Week three is dessert night: tart, upside down cake , brownies.
To register call 829-9010 or visit There are only 5 spaces left in this class so don't delay!
Call for arts and crafts from our Asthma kids for the American Lung Associations Annual Honor Award Dinner and Auction!

February 19th, 2009
Last minute call for arts and crafts made by kids with asthma to be sold at the silent auction to be held at the Annual ALA Honoree Dinner, honoring the 4 termed Senators Mark Amodei, Bernice Martin-Mathews, Randolph Townsend and Maurice Washington. Please call Gwen Bourne at the ALA (775) 829-5873 or email Caroline at if your child is interested. Paperwork is due by February 12th and items must be delivered to the ALA's office located in South Reno by Feb 17th. Please email or call ASAP! A few kids are already making bracelets and necklaces!

Athletes and Runners...
visit to check out these interesting stretch Epi Pen holders that can attach to your calf while running. click here for link
EGGLESS Egg Hunt--April 5th,2009--Save the date and lend a hand to create another memorable event! Visit our Eggless Egg Hunt page for here for Eggless Egg Hunt page
Katie Keating, our queen of egglessness, is busy planning more interesting activities and entertainment in addition to our wonderful raffle. Your help is needed as we continue to grow and enjoy this fun family afternoon event. Please contact Katie to see what you can do (see our Eggless Egg Hunt Page).

Have A HEART and SAVE A HEART at a CPR Training session by REMSA...on February 14th, 9:00-1:00pm.
REMSA will be offering free CPR training sessions at Scheels in Sparks (you will not receive a certificate at this session) in honor of National Heart Month.

AAPE has been invited by REMSA to join forces with other community groups who promote good health to distribute information at this event.

We will need two additional volunteers to attend the event to give out AAPE brochures and other food allergy information. Please email Caroline at if you can help out for an hour or two this day. The United Blood Services Mobile will be there in addition to a Child Seat Safety Checkpoint, etc. More details to follow.

American Lung Association Fundraisers...
Coming up:

December 12th family fun!!!!!
Join AAPE members and the American Lung Association (ALA) at the Reno Bighorn's 2nd home game fundraiser on December 12th, 2008. ALA is selling tickets for only $10 each. Through-out the game, the Bighorns will promote Asthma Awareness and the ALA will also host a booth at the event. See our Bighorn Basketball Game Info page for more information or call Gwen at 829-5873 for ticket information. Your tickets must be purchased through the ALA and picked up at the game.
Special discount for AAPE members...
Food Allergy author Linda Coss has extended a special discount to AAPE members through December 31st: Free priority shipping on your book purchase from Linda has written two successful cookbooks along with a book on Managing food allergies.
Check out the PBS FOOD ALLERGY Documentary Page to learn more about this upcoming piece. If you want to see this aired in our area, please read the press release providing information on how to see in your town.


CDC releases report on food allergies: click for link to CDC


Visit our Halloween Party Page

to sign up to attend and for more details..


5 year Anniversary Celebration and Lecture with Dr. Joshua Jacobs
Join us as we celebrate 5 years of great parenting, support and learning. Come meet new friends, catch up with old friends and just celebrate your success as a parent of a child with food allergies and/or asthma! Dr Jacobs is AAPE's assistant Medical Adviser focusing on food allergies, his practice is in California and he travels once a year to Reno speak to our group. He will present an update on the latest news regarding food allergy and asthma therapies and research.

Friday, October 17th, 7-9pm at the Historical Huffaker School House at Bartley Ranch. This is an Adult only event and RSVP's ARE REQUIRED since space is limited for this building. Please email to reserve your spot. Dessert provided by Whole Foods Market

Go Dragon's Breath!!!! Nice job raising over $5,000 for our local American

Lung Association!!


Save the DATE:
Oct 17th, Lecture and 5 Year AAPE Anniversary Celebration
Oct 28th, Halloween Bash at Jump Man Jump

September Events

Tea and coffee...
Join us on Thursday, September 11th, 2008 at 9:00am at Whole Foods over tea, coffee, scones and muffins as we meet up with new and old friends. Luann will be on hand with her trusty laptop to demo our AAPE website. Please RSVP to

Reminder: The Asthma walk is September 14th! Join us or donate!--see below for details

New Website and Name for GAK's SNACKS....
Gak's Snacks has a new and improved name and website: HomeFree. The produce organic, peanut, tree nut, egg and dairy free cookies. They also offer baking ingredients like cocoa powder, chocolate chips, barley flour, etc Click here to visit Homefree


The Power of Walking...

Let's Walk together to raise Awareness and Raise Funds for either Asthma, Food Allergies or Both!!!

Asthma Walk:
September 14th, 2008-Damante Ranch, Reno, NV: Join team Dragon's Breath: click here to join

Food Allergy Walk:
September 20th, 2008-San Francisco, CA: Join team Northern Nevada Nutz to Walk....Or...join our team as virtual walker if you can't get to San Francisco: click here to join

Book Offer from Author Linda Coss
"What Else is to Eat? The Dairy-, Egg-, and Nut-Free Food Allergy Cookbook," is now available!

Order by August 31, 2008 and Get
FREE Priority Mail Shipping!

Use coupon code CB2SG at check out.

"What Else is to Eat?" will not be available elsewhere until my official publication date of September 15th. I hope your members choose to take advantage of this "I got the books back early from the printer" special!


Receive $20 off Twinject on... Twinject link


APPE & ALA Adventure Day Ropes Course SUCCESS!!!

We had a great day at Project Discovery this year! Almost 30 kids and several parents attended. Most of the parents and helpers who were watching were brought to tears as each person attending challenged their fears and beliefs about their capabilities. Everyone left the day bigger and brighter and stronger then they started!

Latest AAPE News! - AAPE

Latest AAPE News! - AAPE


AAPE Makes Book Donation to Washoe County School District
Latest AAPE News! - AAPE
AAPE Families present the Food Allergy for Dummies and Asthma for Dummies
books to the Washoe County School Disrtict.
Present are the Keatings, Moores, Peddies,
and the Chelinis. Many thanks to all who contributed their time and enery to making this
donation a reality.


FAAW begins on Mother's Day, May 11th. Governor Gibbons has proclaimed FAAW for Nevada!

The power of one: please use this week to educate oneperson within your sphere of influence on the reality of food allergies and how they can support a friend, co-worker or family member. If all 250 AAPE members did this, then we would 250 newly educated people in our community.

On May 15th, AAPE, along side KBUL will present our book purchase (Food Allergies for Dummies and Asthma for Dummies) to the head Washoe County School Librarian. They are so happy to receive this very kind donation. Thank you again to KBUL, Tahoe Supply Company and many individual donors who are made this happen!

Check out Elaine, an AAPE member's ETSY website. She is selling stylish food allergy necklaces and will donate $2.00 to FAAN per order. Also, should would like to hear back from AAPE members on what they would like to see. Here is her website...

Update: Trace Adkins Fundraiser
Saturday, May 3rd, Caroline & Cyrus Moassessi and Zac Chelini presented Trace Adkins with a check (a big card board thing) representing over $4,000 that we have raised in this community in his honor to purchase the Food Allergy and Asthma Dummies books and to donate to FAAN in his name. We also presented him with a beautiful scrapbook containing our thank-you's for his hard work. He sincerely appreciated the money being raised and receiving the scrapbook. Since he appeared on Celebrity Apprentice, our community has enjoyed newspaper articles, radio talk and just simple discussions. At the concert, Caroline met several of his FAAN's who have recently learned about Food Allergies because of Trace and offered their support and understanding of our challenges. It was a very wonderful experience.

We are currently working with the Washoe Country School District about presenting them with the first set of Dummies books during Food Allergy Awareness Week (FAAW). They are thrilled to receive our donation!

Nice Job AAPE families and friends with your generous donations and thank you notes to Trace!

By the way, Trace has since raised $250,000 for FAAN--Go Trace!


Parenting Children with Health Issues Seminar...(this was shared by the Sacramento food allergy support group)
The Children's Center at Sutter Medical Center of Sacramento is holding a seminar titled, "Parenting Children with Health Issues", featuring Dr. Foster Cline, Child Psychiatrist and Co-founder of the Love and Logic Institute. Dr. Cline is an internationally renowned child psychiatrist and co-author of Parenting Children with Health Issues. He will address handling refusals to take medication, strategies for preventing arguments and avoiding power struggles, promoting responsibility without nagging or lecturing, and enabling children to make good self care decisions. (more information on Dr. Cline can be found at: )

When: Friday, September 12, 2008
Time: 8:30-4:30pm
Location: Sutter Health University (2700 Gateway Oaks Blvd, 95833

The class is open to parents, caregivers and clinicians working with children with chronic health issues.
(7 Social work and Nursing CE's offered by Love & Logic.)

There is registration fee of $20.00, which includes breakfast, lunch and handouts. If the fee is a hardship, please email Shaun Gray at the contact information below to discuss a scholarship and she may be able to waive the fee.
For more information or to reserve a seat contact: Shaun Gray, LCSW, (916)733-7013 or


Joint Statement from the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (AAAAI) and the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (ACAAI) in regards to Singulair.
link to joint statement
Please visit:


Mary Kay Fundraiser
AAPE member, Leah's friend has very kindly offered anyone in our group the opportunity to host a Mary Kay Skin Care Class between now and April 30th for you and 2-5 friends. She will generously donate 25% of the sales to AAPE!!! If you are interested, please contact Erica Crumley, Independent Mary Kay Consultant, at, or visit or call 775-829-2825.


Cool Allergy Savvy Cakes and Blog!
AAPE member, Katy C., has a very interesting blog spot about her cake decorating fun. She makes, wheat free, dairy free and egg free cakes that are organic, fair trade and local. She may even be able to make something for you! Check out the her blogspot at:


5th Annual Eggless Egg Hunt was HUGE success!

Thank You Nick and Kelly Spallone of Tahoe Supply Company for donating all of those fabulous prize bags. The extra bags were donated to the Pediatric Ward at Renown, who were completely thrilled with the donation. They also, can not give out food items to the children. Over 80 children enjoyed the Tumblebus, Cimbo the police dog, statue painting, face painting, touring an ambulance and fire truck and a visit from the Easter Bunny. Grown-ups enjoyed an amazing raffle with fantastic items, which raised $749 that we will use toward more events, lectures and public education projects. Thank you to our many volunteers who solicited raffle items, stuffed goody bags, helped set-up, take down and helping during the event. The Eggless Egg hunt was truly a community event enjoyed by all.


You can help food allergy researchers....
Researchers at Chicago’s Children’s Memorial Hospital are currently conducting an important online survey of parents of children with food allergies.

Help physicians at Children's Memorial Hospital learn more about food allergy and its impacts! Click on the link below to take our 15 minute survey for parents of children with food allergy.
Food Allergy Survey:


New Food Allergy Product on the market
We just received word that a new a line of muffin & pancake mixes for people with common food allergies is available. The mixes are free of dairy, egg, peanuts & treenuts, and are manufactured in a dedicated peanut/treenut free facility to ensure no cross contamination. The muffin mixes are Classic Blueberry, with canned wild Maine blueberries in the box, and Cranberry Orange, with dried cranberries in the mix. The product is all-natural and free of preservatives and contains no high fructose corn syrup.
You can order our products via, or print out a retailer request form to pass along to your local stores requesting them to stock our product. If you have any questions, please contact the company founder listed below. If you try this product, please post a review of your experience.
Jamie Martin
Meraby's Allergy Family Foods
All the taste, none of the worry!
Phone: 256-890-3450

Disclaimer: Information on this website, AAPE added content as well as Google ads, should not be used as a substitute for responsible professional care to diagnose and treat specific symptoms and illnesses. Any reference to available products and procedures should not be construed as an endorsement nor are such references a representation as to the effectiveness or appropriateness of any such product or procedure. AAPE, including all parties to be associated with this group, will not be held responsible for any action taken by participants.

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